Here are the top 10 books that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to get more out of life.

They've most certainly shaped my beliefs and thinking in the last 15 years.

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Through a fictional tale set in old Babylon, the key principles of managing and growing finances are told in a practical yet engrossing manner. 

It is eye opening and easily digestible, a must read for everyone.

It is one thing being an entrepreneur but another to create a business that can run itself without your day to day input. 


This book breaks down the different mindsets that a business owner would need to adopt in order to ‘let go’ instead of creating a job for themselves.

The E Myth Revisited
Michael E. Gerber

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” 


The skills can be learned and applied in every aspect of life.


If you want to be a person of influence, you must be a leader, regardless of whether you are in a position of leadership.

A bestseller of our generation, Robert Kiyosaki helps you to think outside of a paid job and work towards how to stop trading your time and freedom for money.


You CAN create a future where you don’t need to live from pay check to pay check.

Rich Dad Poor Dad
Robert T. Kiyosaki

The ultimate ‘mindset’ book that focuses on thinking and making use of the opportunities around you to create something out of nothing.

How do empires like Coca-Cola and Nike continue to reinvent itself and remain a market leader?


Organisational culture.

Think and Grow Rich
Napolean Hill
The Advantage
Patrick Lencioni

A thought-provoking collection of real stories in how success is achieved.

Communication skills are undeniably a crucial tool either as an employee or an employer.


This practical book gives you all the effective ways of networking, presenting and pitching with proven results.

Nobody else is responsible for your personal growth but you.


These are some fundamentals that will help you make progress consistently and also inspire others to achieve what they want in life.

Combining neuroscience, psychology and the practice of therapy, it is possible to find the causes of how we think, act and feel, break free from the patterns that are producing negative effects so you can rebuild your life or relationships in a healthy and wholesome way.

Reinventing Your Life
Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko

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